Saturday, June 30, 2018

Scalp Love For Healthy Hair

There are a lot of factors that cultivate healthy hair. Probably as much as there are culprits to counter act hair thriving to it’s potential. However, the answer to healthy hair starts and ends with scalp health. The scalp is the ground in which the hair either blossoms or withers.  So, how does one cultivate a healthy scalp?


It’s pretty customary for one taking their health to the next level to commit to a yearly or even quarterly overall body detox. However, your scalp and hair want it’s own special time to cleanse itself from the wear and tear of daily living.  After all why shouldn’t it? It’s a vital extension of your greater self with a great number of pores that release toxins which boost the immune system leading to overall health. So how would one know if it’s a good time to indulge in a scalp detox?

A scalp detox is the perfect process for anyone experiencing any of the following:  

·         a dry scalp

  • excessive oily scalp
  • itchiness, dandruff
  • pain on the scalp
  • hair loss or hair fall
  • slow hair growth
  • brain fog

So, your next question might be how to go about this scalp detox. Glad you asked… There are several roads that lead to a scalp detox. Clay shampoos, such as Cray Cray Clay Co-Wash, being at the top of the list.  Clays are great at pulling toxins from the scalp and removing the culprits that cover the scalp’s pores, which prevent hair growth and ultimately lead to thinning hair or even worse hair lose. MoroccanRhassoul Clay, the main ingredient in the Cray Cray Clay Co-Wash is a leader in the clay arena, removing hard water build up, toxins, residues left from styling products and traditional cleansers such as shampoos and conditioners without stripping the hair of its precious natural oils. It’s a gentle cleanser/conditioner that gently exfoliates, removing dandruff while detangling the hair and purifying the scalp and scalp. It is essentially a healthy scalps best friend.


Keeping the follicles on the scalp nurtured and clean is another important factor in maintaining scalp health and protective styles are sometimes not as protective as one might thing. These styles, such as ponytails, braids, faux locs and even weaves are pretty low maintance and pretty trendy which is why protective styles are a mainstay in most natural girl’s hair care rotation. They give the hair a needed break from over styling which can cause damage and breakage. However, protective styles can be problematic and cause more damage than intended for 2 reasons, if done improperly and left unattended…

·         Styles like braiding where there is a lot of tension from hair being pulled too tightly can cause follicle damage and hair to fall out and leading to the follicles sometimes closing up. 

·         Also wanting to preserve the hair style, by forgoing long periods without proper shampooing may cause dry flakey scalp or even worse dirty scalp leading to follicle infections.

However, both concerns are easy to remedy by

·         Making sure that the hair has a little bit of give when braided or pulled and

·         Finding the right products that aid in properly cleansing the scalp like Organic LiquidGold.  This ACV shampoo/conditioner not only removes dead skin cells, correct the PH level of the scalp and hair and provides hair loving vitamins B, C and Potassium but it also conveniently come packaged in a spray bottle, allowing easy application to help maintain the hair styles integrity. If the thought of enduring  the ACV  smell is a deterrent ,  rest assure that Organic Liquid Gold is scented with aromatic essential oils even though the ACV aroma, quickly dissipates after rinsing.


But it doesn’t stop at clays or Apple Cider Vinegar Rinses. Essential oils are also useful in keeping the blood circulation on the scalp. Circulation opens up blood vessels making vitamins easier to be absorbed into the scalp. This can be mimicked with a relaxing scalp massage and by using essential oils like peppermint oil. Peppermint Oil, another ingredient in Cray Cray Clay Co-Wash is an antibacterial powerhouse that reduces stress when inhaled, two important factors that cultivate healthy hair growth.  So if there is a little peppermint oil in the vicinity, one would find themselves in a win win situation if this oil was massaged onto the scalp.


And lastly Honey is not just for tea and buttered toast anymore. All natural hair care products, like Honey Bee Frizz Free, are sweet to your scalp and hair also. Honey not only prevents premature graying and strengthens the hair, causing less shedding and breakage but it also does an amazing job of cleansing the follicles. If that weren’t enough, with its antibacterial and antifungal sweetness, it removes pesky dandruff and reverses other dry scalp issues. 

So, that’s all I have for you that comes from the top of my head. Hopefully, you heard a thing or two that you can apply to your archive of tips and directly to your scalp.


  1. So important! Most people overlook the scalp and only focus on the hair. I always say, "It's like having a plant that you never water but expect to grow." Great post! :)

    1. Thank you Adrienne for reading and sharing your thoughts! Blessings!!!!